Sage 50 Integration

Cindercone is a member of the Sage Small to Medium Software Developers Programme as detailed here. This provides us with the ability to integrate with Sage 50c (previously known as Sage 50 Accounts) using any supported mechanism. Depending on the project requirements we will choose to use the Sage Developer Objects (SDO), the Sage ODBC driver, or a combination of both. We have worked with Sage 50c for many years and run it as part of our own business. This experience has given us a full working understanding of the system which is essential to develop effective integrations. When comparing integrations it is important to understand how they work and how they can be modified. We have seen many integrations that simply drop a file onto a system for another program to collect. Our solution is different as its depth of integration provides a rich functionality that many other providers can't match. As the Sage product moves on in versions and functionality, we follow.

Automated Data Manipulation

By using the full capabilities of the Sage 50 API, we can perform significant automation of your Sage system

Products / Stock

  • Add or amend records
  • Add or amend product groups
  • Make stock adjustments
  • Add or amend Customers and Suppliers

Sales Orders

  • Create product and service transactions
  • Make updates
  • Allocate stock
  • Despatch
  • Create product and service Sales Invoices and Credit Notes and update fields

Purchase Orders

  • Create transactions
  • Make updates
  • Complete the order
  • Receive the stock

Change monitoring

We can also monitor your Sage system for changes and automatically export data changes since our last run to other systems. Examples include:

  • Stock levels and availablilty
  • Customer details including credit position
  • Audit information
  • Invoice information
  • Despatch information

We can also generate reports in mulitple formats, as well as exporting data to PDF

Please read our Integrations page for details on other systems that we can export or import data from, or our Case Studies page for details of projects that we've worked on. This can easily include EDI notifications, Amazon specific integration or third party logistics provider specific integrations

We already have EDI based communications with a large number of supermarkets and their mainstream logistics providers. These integrations cover:

  • Automated order receipt with error handling for unknown products and delivery locations
  • Data exchanged via the protocols supported by the supermarkets, EDI VAN(Value Added Network) and AS2
  • Automated invoice transmission
  • Automated export of price lists to Sainsbury
  • Automated purchase order, delivery notification, warehousing instruction and stock reconciliation with Arla