Cindercone Support Portal – All You Need to Know

Cindercone Support Portal – All You Need to Know

As part of our continued growth and desire to provide efficient customer service, we have implemented a customer support portal. This allows you to log and track support cases, so you have a more transparent view of how your support issue is progressing. Support response timescales will remain the same, but we hope that with clear information entered into the portal we can fix issues quickly and with a minimal amount of customer involvement.

From the 1st of July all support logs should only be created through our support portal –

Please refer to which gives guidance on what to provide when logging a call.

If you are not already registered then please follow the registration link on the main login page  to enable an invitation to be sent.

This is only one of many improvements we have been making to enhance our customer service. We have recently employed our project coordinator, Charmaine Holmes, who will ensure that communication with customers before, during and after projects will be up to date and will keep projects running to schedule.

Over the next couple of months, we will be increasing the support and development teams as our customer base and range of integrations continue to expand.

You can keep up to date with our team at

Balloon One and Cindercone: Building a Stronger Partnership for the Future

Balloon One and Cindercone: Building a Stronger Partnership for the Future

Balloon One, a leading provider of warehouse management systems (WMS) and SAP B1 partner, and Cindercone, have worked in partnership for number of years now and have recently announced an even stronger collaboration so that they can provide their customers with a fully adaptable integration solution.

This partnership is expected to benefit customers of both companies by providing more comprehensive and efficient integration between ERP, WMS and other business platforms, such as drop shipping and ecommerce.

The partnership between Balloon One and Cindercone is based on a shared commitment to delivering innovative and effective software solutions to their customers. Balloon One is a supply chain technology partner, providing the Korber Warehouse Management Solution which has been recognised as a Leader on the Gartner Magic Quadrant.  Successful in tailoring to the specific needs of their customers as well as being a Gold certified SAP partner. Cindercone, on the other hand, has extensive experience in developing multi-platform integrations with many of the most popular ERP systems.

By combining their respective areas of expertise, they aim to create a more complete solution for their customers. The integration of ERP systems and the Korber WMS system will enable customers to streamline their supply chain processes, reduce errors, and improve overall efficiency. This will result in cost savings, improved customer satisfaction, and increased revenue for businesses of all sizes.

Anglo-German Company Integrates Sage X3 to 18 US EDI Trading Partners

Anglo-German Company Integrates Sage X3 to 18 US EDI Trading Partners

A UK and Europe based company has recently integrated Sage X3 to 18 EDI trading partners, including Amazon, JCP, Staples, Macys, and Walmart. The integration was made possible through the use of TrueCommerce as the EDI network, De Facto as the WMS, and Cindercone’s Magma Integration Toolkit as the central integration system.

The Challenge

The company was facing the challenge of managing multiple EDI trading partners with different requirements and formats. They needed a solution that would enable them to streamline their EDI processes and ensure that they were compliant with the requirements of each trading partner.

Key to the whole project was seamless integration with Sage X3.

The Solution

The company turned to their Sage partner, Datel for a solution that could integrate all of the systems involved.

To integrate Sage X3 to EDI, Datel specified Cindercone’s Magma Integration Toolkit, a middleware solution that enables the integration of different systems and applications. The Magma Integration Toolkit allowed the company to integrate Sage X3 with TrueCommerce’s EDI network seamlessly, ensuring that all EDI transactions were automatically processed and updated in Sage X3.

In addition to the EDI partners, the company also integrated De Facto as the WMS. De Facto is a warehouse management system that provides real-time visibility and control over inventory and warehouse operations. With De Facto , the company was able to manage their inventory more efficiently and ensure that by producing Serial Shipping Container Code (SSCC) labels, they had the right products in the right place at the right time.

The Benefits

  • By using Magma to integrate Sage X3 with TrueCommerce and De Facto, the company was able to achieve significant benefits, including:
  • Streamlined EDI processes: Using Magma, the company was able to manage all of their EDI transactions in one place, reducing the need for manual processes and ensuring compliance with each trading partner’s requirements.
  • Improved inventory management: With De Facto, the company was able to manage their inventory more efficiently, reducing the risk of stockouts and ensuring that they had the right products in the right place at the right time.
  • Increased efficiency: By automating their EDI processes and integrating Sage X3 using Magma, TrueCommerce and De Facto, the company was able to increase their efficiency and reduce the risk of errors.


For more information on how Magma can make your data flow, visit our integration pages

Milner Browne Enterpryze Engage: A Recap

Milner Browne Enterpryze Engage: A Recap

Milner Browne Enterpryze Engage: A Recap

Last week, Cindercone partner, Milner Browne organised their Enterpryze Engage event in Dublin, bringing together professionals from various industries to discuss the latest trends and innovations in the field of ERP technology. The event was a huge success, with attendees taking away new ideas and insights into keeping their businesses up to date.

Keynote Speakers

The event featured several keynote speakers who shared their expertise and knowledge with the attendees. One of the speakers was Morgan Browne, the CEO of Milner Browne, who talked about how SAP B1 and Enterpryze can work on their own or in unison, depending on the business requirements and how they can integrate with other business platforms.

Networking Opportunities

Apart from the keynote speeches and panel discussions, the event also provided ample networking opportunities for the attendees. They were able to connect with like-minded professionals from different industries and exchange ideas and experiences.

The event also had a dedicated exhibition area where, amongst others, Cindercone showcased their Magma Toolkit, to show integrations with platforms such as EDI, Warehouse Management Systems, Third Party Logistics, ecommerce and drop shipping. The packaged solutions for Amazon and Shopify were also well received.

The event was a great success and it was a brilliant opportunity for Cindercone to catch up with customers and partners, especially those based in Ireland.