MAGMA Support

Support information you need if you have a problem with Magma.

If you have a problem with Magma please open a log on our support portal  

Please include as much information about the issue as possible, which might be any or all of the below:

•  Any related Magma emails
•  Any related emails from the trading partner or other 3rd party
•  Example documents or reference numbers
•  Sample files related to the error
•  How long the error has been occurring
•  Whether any changes have been made to your ERP software
•  Whether the trading partner has notified you of any changes
•  Whether the issue is with a live or test process
•  RunSet name if possible
•  A recent email showing a successful run for the process that is now failing

We aim to respond within the following timescales but there may be delays during especially busy periods. Note that these are the timescales for us to review the issue, not to provide a solution.

•  Urgent issues e.g. failing orders or ASNs – within 2 hours
•  Issues with invoices, stock updates etc – within 4 hours
•  General queries and change requests – as soon as possible but may not be the same day

Support Opening Hours – 09.00 – 17.30


If you want any more information on Cindercone or Magma please visit our contact page