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SAP® Business One

We have three distinct products in the SAP Business One space:

You can read about some of previous success stories working on SAP Business One on our Success stories page, specifically:

SAP® Enterprise / R3

We have a number of sites that use magma to integrate with external partners using the IDOC interfaces.

Magma is integrated into the SAP® Business One product and has passed the rigorous SAP certification tests.

Magma became one of the first two UK based certified integration products in January 2006

Credit Cards

Available as an extension to Magma is the Credit Card Processing Plug-In for SAP® Business One. This extension allows you to integrate Credit Card Payments directly with SAP Business One in both a Web and Telesales environment.

Security and compliance

Credit card information is sensitive - in many cases there is no need to store the Credit Card information at all but any data that is stored is written away in an encrypted form

Pre-Authorisations / Deferred Payments

If there is a delay between receiving the order and shipping the goods then the payment can be deferred. This means that at the point of order we reserve the funds on the credit card. Once the goods are ready to leave we can release the funds.

Easy Refunds

Once an item has been charged we can automate a full or partial refund from within the SAP Business One system

Connected Process

The credit card details are linked to the order and invoice records. When a payment is charged we can create the Incoming Bank Payment and link it to the invoice. You have a full audit trail of everything that happened during a card purchase.

Fully integrated and tracked

Make auditing transactions much easier by having everything linked together and searchable

Multiple Credit Cards

Multiple credit cards can be entered against a single order

Fraud Checking

Protect yourself from fraudulent payment requests using CV2 and AVS

Multi Currency

Process transactions in the currency that suits the trade

The Magma SAP credit card integration supports:

  • Sagepay
  • Servebase
  • Ogone
  • Barclaycard
  • Secure Trading
  • Cybersource
  • Smartpay
  • Authorize.NET
  • Paypoint
  • Datacash

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The video below is a simple demo of our credit card solution

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Whether you are responsible for a call centre, support desk, accounts or sales department, helpline, IT Help desk, technical support or credit control team or manage any customer database, Cindercone's CTI for SAP Business One will increase your staff efficiency, improve your customer service levels and reduce your operating costs.

The video below is a simple demo of our CTI solution

See our Landscapeplus success story for more information on one of our previous CTI projects

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Increased Staff Productivity & Efficiency

You could get up to an extra 4 hours a week from each person in your telephone teams just through efficiency gains. According to the DTI Computer Telephony Integration FactSheet (URN 04/665; 04/04), up to 10% of calls are misdialled. The cumulative time and financial cost of this is substantial. With "one-click" dialling from the users desktop from the Address Book, Contact Screens, Activities & Calendars - in fact, any screen within SAP Business One, this problem can be eliminated. This also means that more calls can be made.

The DTI Factsheet also reports that automatic customer identification can cut at least 20 seconds off each call. This adds up to a saving of five hours if over 1000 calls are made.

CTI for SAP Business One will instantly display all incoming calls on the desktop, with screen pop-up from BP that helps identify a caller and show any user defined salient business information before the call is answered.

Call transfer (again with data pop), avoids the need to request or repeat caller information that has been transferred between departments, and call backs can be initiated if the number is busy.

More inbound calls can be answered, and greater speed and efficiency in outbound calling is quickly achievable.

Improved Customer Service Levels

Customers hate waiting; waiting to be answered, waiting to be connected to the right person, waiting for that person to "get their details up" and then have to repeat the information - it all negatively affects the customer's perception of you

This never has to happen if the caller details are instantly available to your staff member, even before the call is answered. This fact alone can be used as a USP in prospect marketing to help demonstrate competitive advantage, and really helps deliver excellent customer service.

Your customer will receive a faster, more personalised service. The time spent gathering information from a caller will be minimised and you will be able to retain customer information on call transfer.

Reduction in Operating Costs

CTI for SAP Business One will help you maximise the amount of "on call" time per hour for all of your telephone based teams. This will mean that your productivity will increase per agent, or you may even be able to reduce staffing levels because of the increased output!

Reduced call times also means lower call costs. That 10% of misdialled calls will not feature on your phone bill.

In addition to these key benefits, CTI for SAP Business One will give you:

Increased Business Productivity & Performance Monitoring

Both incoming and outbound calls are recorded against contacts and accounts for full audit trail management. Missed call reporting is integral, as is out of hours incoming call log flags against accounts and contacts.

Reporting against individual agent or team activity on management determined parameters (average call durations, number of calls handled etc) is fully configurable dependant upon management requirements.

Up to 25% of inbound calls are "withheld" - CTI for SAP Business One allows these calls to be manually "tagged" and logged.

Increased Return on Marketing Investment

CTI for SAP Business One can identify calls from specific marketing activity or campaigns to assess impact and results. It will even ensure that calls are "flagged" to the correct handling agents. The ability to identify callers will also help sales agents with cross selling opportunities between departments.

Future Proof & Scaleable Solution

CTI for SAP Business One has been designed to be flexible and fully scaleable. It will connect to TAPI, CSTA, TSAPI, and is compatible with Voice over IP and Citrix environments. You will not need to worry about "starting again" as technology advances and develops. For Example Skype Integration is part of the product roadmap.

Quick & Easy Installation

The product can be installed and rolled out wherever SAP Business One is running and is installed locally on each desktop. This means that there is minimal interruption whilst the software is loaded and configured.

Fully Customisable at User Level

The programme can be fully configured to meet an individual users preferences and workflow requirements. It is fully customisable for the area within SAP Business One that the user wishes to work; sales, accounts, operations, administration, anywhere!

Answer, hold, retrieve, transfer, speed dial, re-dial and more all available from the desktop, with full customisation available as standard.

Cindercone have partnered with CTI experts QGate. For more information on QGate visit

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Mobile Solutions

Magma can be used to integrate SAP® Business One with an existing Mobile Solution. Recently, for example, we integrated with Onsight the automation of Sales and Stock data.

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