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MAGMA: A fully adaptable integration solution

Developed by Cindercone, the Magma Integration Toolkit connects multiple technologies across your business and facilitates quick data exchange to automate workflow and streamline your operations.

Over two decades, the Magma tool has helped businesses across the globe to connect better internally and with suppliers, trusted by 100s of clients to make their systems flow – wherever they are.


In 2002, Cindercone developed the Magma solution to help businesses connect their systems with those of their partners, allowing them to collaborate. Based on the challenges of a single customer, the brains behind Magma used their vast experience of EDI and XML technologies to produce a solution that met the needs of that customer and helped shape the world of systems integration.

While the technology behind Magma has evolved – as have many of the apps and processes used to drive our customers forward – the principle is the same today as it was in the beginning: to improve efficiency and increase productivity across the business space through systems integration. No matter what systems they use, no matter what product they are selling, Magma ensures our customers’ efficiency at every step of the order process

We have a clear vision: to become the go-to integration partner for the ERP markets we serve, automating the tedious jobs by getting systems talking, and leaving our clients with more time to serve their customers’ needs.

Flexible, Configurable, Powerful

With substantial experience in connecting leading ERP systems with any known apps, Magma adapts to meet your requirements and brings you a solution that delivers real control over your business processes and productivity.

Developing tailored solutions that enable you and your partners to work efficiently and in unison
Allowing any number of technologies, apps and systems to connect, communicate and collaborate seamlessly
Retaining and growing our customer, reseller, agency and team relationships for over two decades
Guaranteeing our partners the highest service levels from a dedicated team of integration specialists

Our Values


We respect every customer and partner, consulting and engaging openly to understand the requirement and conducting every project honestly and transparently.


The masters of integration, we provide answers where others falter, using our extensive technical and systems knowledge to design customised solutions based on individual business needs.


Expect more than a robust integration that improves how your systems communicate. Expect a team that goes above and beyond to provide customers with a premium service and the highest-quality experience.


No false promises; we make integrations work – pure and simple. It’s our responsibility and one we take seriously from initial discovery to solution delivery and beyond.



A curious and motivated team, we dig deeper, learning and collaborating to create effective integrations that make your business and processes run better and every working day simpler.


With the customers who now have fewer process issues and more time to serve their partners,

the software resellers who know our solution and support team can help them to maximize a customer ERP opportunity,

the digital agencies looking to partner with an e-commerce systems integration expert, and the team at Cindercone who go above and beyond in supporting our many customers and partners.