Other Businesses

Over the course of its development, Magma has been integrated to over 500 suppliers, automating processes for hundreds of businesses.

Magma Integration Toolkit

The Magma product can cope with any structured data, so we use "EDI" as a collective term for Electronic Trading. Cindercone offer a complete project managed service from initial analysis and design through to on-site training and support.

Cindercone's Magma product provides a comprehensive solution as a core EDI communications and mapping product. This uses remote connectivity to the EDI Networks or, where available, direct linkage to the Trading Partner's own system i.e. using AS2, HTTP, FTP or even email.

Reduce Manual Processes

Reduced labour, stationery, postage, printer, storage costs and elimination of human keying errors provide large benefit to businesses in the long term

Reduce lead times

Turnaround time from order to delivery can be reduced. Many trading partners provide detailed stock and sales figures by EDI allowing you to plan more efficiently.

Improve relationships

If you can respond to your trading partner's needs rapidly and effectively, you'll see the benefit in the strength of your trading relationships.

Competitive Edge

You are cheaper and more efficient to deal with than a competitor trading manually. It is no accident that the leading UK retailers all rely on EDI for placing orders and receiving invoices - they know the benefits they get and the costs that can be saved.

At the heart of Magma is a data mapping and delivery engine which acts as the middleware between your core systems, external systems and partners.

Magma has been developed to allow integrations between almost any entersprise level system, including ERP, CRM, e-Commerce, EPOS and others. We have developed a host of tools and resources that let Magma use Salesforce, Sage, SAP and a host of additional systems built up over our many years of integrations experience.

Our integrations are normally written so that they require no user interaction and will run automatically at pre-defined intervals, notifying nominated users with success reports or failure reports as required

Existing Integrations

Existing ERP / CRM support includes

E-Commerce / EPOS support includes

  • Amazon MWS
  • eBay
  • Shopify
  • Magento
  • Tesco
  • Vend
  • Woo Commerce


The following is a quick demonstration of our Sage 50 integration

ERP / CRM Consultancy

Being an integrations provider for products like SAP or Magma for use with Salesforce, which have a large and complex base of functionality, we build up an understanding of those features that lets us advise you on how you can best use your existing software to meet the needs of you business. If you would like to speak to us about maximising the utility of your already installed software please let us know.


The choice of what technology we use to integrate with a given system varies based on the requirements of the project and the system we're integrating with. As an example in Magma for use with Salesforce, we use the most appropriate of the following methods to meet your requirements, which could be any of the following:

  • Bulk API
  • Streaming API
  • Workflow

When it comes to other systems, we may have to use whatever is provided but we can build custom integrations that use Web services, REST APIs, official development kits (such as the Sage Developers Kit for Sage 50 or 200) or even just directly manipulate the data in the database for you

Example Integration

The process we follow in a standard integration can be quite complex. An example of one of our integrations might be something like:

  • Perform a two way synchronisation of Salesforce and Sage customers and accounts
  • Perform a two way synchronisation of Salesforce and Sage standard or custom objects, which could include:
    • Sales Quotation
    • Sales Service Order
    • Sales Product Order
    • Sales Service Invoice
    • Sales Product Invoice
    • Purchase Order
    • Purchase Receipt
    • Purchase Invoice
  • Attach Sage documents to Salesforce records. For example Invoice PDF's
  • Synchronise Pricing from Sage to Salesforce
  • Synchronise Products / Stock Levels / Completed orders, from Sage to Salesforce, an e-Commerce system and off site Warehousing/Dispatch service provider

Data Delivery

We deal in a lot of different data formats. Common formats are EDI (Tradacoms, Edifact, Odette and Ansi), XML, delimited, fixed width and SQL. These formats are simply different ways of representing business transactions, but the key point is that Magma abstracts away the complexities of the formatting and provides a consistent interface between your systems

Many trading partners still use proprietary EDI Value Added Networks (VAN's) from companies such as GXS and BT. These VAN's are effectively electronic post offices that charge based on volume. There is a slow move away from these networks to secure internet based protocols as good cost savings can be realised. With certain internet protocols such as HTTP and AS2 we can also achieve real time responses. The key point is that Magma supports all common VAN and internet protocols allowing you to trade at a fixed cost, rather than on a per transaction basis.