Integratech & Appleton Woods Case Study

Integratech is a leading IT Services provider based in Worcester, UK. As a SAP Business One specialist - the preferred ERP solution for businesses globally - the company engages with multiple customers who rely on SAP to support their day to day operations including financials, purchasing, inventory, sales, customer relationships, production control, project management and HR.


In 2018, Integratech was approached by UK-based Appleton Woods, a long-established manufacturer and distributor of laboratory equipment globally. The company, who had implemented SAP across their business some years prior, was experiencing a number of technical errors during its sales order process; and with SAP central to their entire operations including the sales function, it was critical their systems were reviewed in full and a resolution found quickly. When their existing reseller partner and a second SAP specialist both failed to overcome the issue, Appleton Woods turned to Integratech.

After conducting a full systems audit, the Integratech SAP team were quick to determine two key areas where changes were necessary. The first – a software issue – highlighted a need to upgrade to the latest version of SAP Business One, to comply with the HMRC’s ‘Making Tax Digital’ legislation and also, to improve on how sales figures were captured and reported accurately into the accounting team. Second, a series of bespoke add-ons implemented by a legacy services provider to manage stock allocation, automated reports and EDI was operating inefficiently and preventing an automated data flow.

As a long-term SAP partner, the team at Integratech had worked with Cindercone on a number of integrations projects across their SAP Business One customer base. Magma was put forward thanks to its proven ability to integrate any systems; in this case, Appleton Woods’ future e-Commerce systems, EDI and Corexyz solutions used for ordering, scanning and warehouse management.

Magma quickly tackled two key inefficiencies that were causing the customer pain. First, sales orders were not automating and remained in draft mode, awaiting manual approval to complete. Also, system limitations meant that orders from just two suppliers could be accepted, thus, causing a bottleneck and subsequently slowing down order processing times. Now, with legacy add-ons removed and Magma installed, the entire process is automated with orders flowing through systematically and only red flagged when Magma recognises a data discrepancy. It also facilitates having additional EDI customers without incurring further expense, resulting in a much faster sales order process; improving the customer experience. Magma works in sync with the latest version of SAP Business One seamlessly and efficiently.

A number of our customers are now using Magma to automate their business processes. With Cindercone, it is much more than the solution they provide to our customers – it is the attention to detail they provide and time they take to understand every component of the customer’s issues and what they are looking to achieve in the long-term. We have spent many years now working with the team at Cindercone and the Magma toolkit. When it comes to systems integration and process issues, we position Magma and the team at Cindercone every time.”

Adam Marlow-Jones

Account Manager, Integratech

I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you to Integratech and Cindercone. From the start of the project to upgrade our version of SAP, the team at Integratech has been a joy to work with, while extremely knowledgeable and understanding. The interests of Appleton Woods were always at the forefront of their thought process, offering innovative solutions to every challenge we sent their way and keeping us informed of their progress throughout the upgrade. As with Integratech, the Cindercone team has been an absolute pleasure to work with. We have seen increased processing speeds within SAP thanks to the upgrade and the removal of the troublesome add-on, we have a fully functional EDI link from our eProcurement platform and a Warehouse Management System that has reduced waste from the warehouse operation as well as improving performance.”
Chris Moore

Commercial Manager, Appleton Woods Ltd

NEOM Organics

NEOM Organics

NEOM Organics Case Study

NEOM Organics is a UK company providing natural home fragrances and skincare products with wellbeing benefits. Founded in 2005, NEOM has experienced great success in this growth sector thanks to its all-natural approach to wellness through a product range that promotes improved energy and reduced stress. Sales channels include a direct to customer platform online, retail outlets – both their own stores and chains such as Selfridges, John Lewis and Marks and Spencer – and, more recently, NEOM has extended its international presence in the US and Asia. Headquartered in Harrogate, the company is fast becoming one of the largest businesses in their sector.


INEOM is growing rapidly, and with plans to open more stores, expand its product range and increase its footprint overseas, it shows no signs of slowing down. A long-time user of the ERP system, Sage X3, the team recognised a need to implement changes elsewhere in their technology stack both to obtain the best from the Sage software and accommodate their growth. Alongside their Sage partner, Datel, and Cindercone – whose Magma solution was already integrating NEOM’s B2C eCommerce site, Magento, and 3PL platform – planning commenced for this significant operational and technical uplift.

NEOM engaged with Statement, a Shopify eCommerce agency, and ILG, a 3PL provider, who, together with Cindercone and Datel, began to map out the technical interfaces and business processes needing automation. After months of planning, in 2019, NEOM transitioned its online sales facility over to Shopify Plus and outsourced all fulfilment and logistics to ILG. Both solutions would help to extend NEOM’s global reach, but both required a major systems migration project, during which time it was vital that NEOM’s systems remained operational.’ Since NEOM were already beneficiaries of Cindercone’s Magma solution, they once again opted for this preferable mechanism to connect both new systems to Sage X3. With Cindercone’s help, the migration of both was achieved seamlessly with no downtime.

Ongoing, Cindercone is assisting NEOM with many of its systems improvements ranging from minor tweaks to complex transitions. One that may be complex to some – but not to Cindercone – is NEOM’s new pre-order system introduced in 2020 to accommodate an influx in customers wanting to purchase as-yet released antibacterial products. By making improvements to the front-end website at the point of sale, customers can now easily make a purchase of an out of stock product, for a delivery at a future date. All thanks to Magma’s ability to flex as required, and the team’s ability to understand the process modifications necessary, Cindercone assisted NEOM to deliver this brand-new functionality.

The Cindercone team are now working closely with NEOM to develop a B2B website to facilitate orders from their substantial and expanding commercial customer base, which will bring much-required efficiency to a process currently managed manually. In addition to the B2B site, M&S and John Lewis are being moved from a legacy standalone EDI system to one that is fully integrated, all running through Magma. Two further international trading partners will also benefit from this new interface, US-based online retail giant, Nordstrom, and Douglas in Germany.

“I feel we have a fabulous working relationship with the Cindercone team. They have helped us to deliver a number of projects now, all of which have been landed flawlessly. Cindercone continue to assist us during a time of rapid change and phenomenal company growth, building systems and processes to future-proof the business. Martin is a wonderful guy to work with – extremely helpful, responsive and personable, with a knack for explaining in simple terms how things work. It feels great having Cindercone with us on our journey.”
Adam Meads

E-Commerce and Relationship Manager, NEOM Organics

“Martin always goes above and beyond to understand the business context & processes behind what we are trying to achieve, which in turn means that he is able to foresee issues, think through challenges and achieve a better outcome. His detailed knowledge of our set up and systems means that we feel like he is an extension of the team.”

Oliver Mennell

co-Founder, NEOM Organics

“Working alongside Martin and the team at Cindercone is always a positive experience, their thorough understanding of business process and their ability to translate customer requirements into a working solution never fails to astound me. Martin’s constant “hands on” approach is always appreciated, valued by ourselves and our customers.”
Lucinda Millen

Account Manager, Datel Group