SAP Business One & Shopify

SAP Business One & Shopify

SAP Business One & Shopify Integration

Create a seamless data flow by connecting leading ERP system, SAP Business One and eCommerce provider, Shopify.

Integration objectives from connecting SAP Business One and Shopify

Faster order fulfilment through automated data transfer between the two systems
Improved vision on stock levels with updates instantly reported back to Shopify
Better retention rates through a quicker, more efficient customer journey

How can this integration help your business?

Efficient order management as Shopify data flows into SAP Business One

  • Are your orders from B2C and/or B2B customers?
  • How do you distinguish guests on the website between cash-style B2C or customer B2B?
  • How do you recognise B2B customers paying upfront versus on account?
  • How are you reporting POS retail orders transacted on an iPad?
  • Would you like orders to auto-approve and go directly to picking?
  • How are your orders fulfilled? Do you use a 3PL provider or WMS and can we automate incoming orders directly to picking?
  • How do you manage freight charger per courier provider?
  • Do you require delivery dates in SAP based on time of day, or weekends?

Timely updates on order deliveries

  • Which WMS, 3PL or courier providers (Hermes, DPD, Parcelforce) keep the tracking information?
  • How do you manage multiple deliveries and tracking IDs

Up to date inventory

  • What inventory to do want to publish and for how many warehouses?
  • Is the available stock ring-fenced for eCommerce or shared with other channels? Do we need a buffer to prevent excess sales (e.g. fix to 90%)?
  • Do we need to switch a product off and on depending on availability

Accurate financial information

  • Are your orders paid for in advance?
  • Will SAP need to account for orders paid on account and via invoice?
  • What details from the payment gateway does your accounts team need to reconcile?
  • Do you need to automate the reconciliation when Shopify pays out on orders

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